Special Purpose Hydraulic Press

Constant improvement and betterment of the products gives us new ideas. We undergo for new product with due consideration of customers special needs, specifications and applications.

We deliver special type equipments like, Hydraulic Test Bench, Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine, Valve Tester, Calendaring machine, Die Casting Machine, Chain breaking load tester, Broaching Machine, Revolving and lifting machine, Cotton, Copper, Mild Steel Bailing Press, Squeezing Press for Coconut Waste, Hydro tester Machine to test SS, Copper & Brass Pipes.

  1. Hydraulic Press for Submersible Pumps and Abrasive Wheels molding.We have designed & manufactured hydraulic presses for this field. We are pioneer manufacturer for such product. From 1 ton Capacity to 100 ton Capacity is working satisfactorily all over India. All type like vertical, horizontal ,”C” type and upstroke, spring return, hand operated are designed and manufactured since 1967.Now, we have developed hydraulic fixtures to weld and to clamp-on pump body. We have recently developed hydraulic fixture for Motor stator stamp clamping & for strip forming.Our goodwill in the market is after sales service.Topmost manufacturer like Calama Pumps, Jesco Pumps, Pragati Pumps, Unnati Pumps, Flowell Pumps are using our products since establishment of their unit.
  2. Hydraulic Press for Abrasive wheels, Speed Testing Machine and Powder Mixture Machine.We have developed Speed Testing Machine and Hydro Mechanically Operated Emery Powder Mixing machine for abrasive wheels manufacturing.

Standard Press Specificationis for submersible pumps:

Capacity 40/60 tones
Type Vertical, down-stroke double action
Body Closed sided and fabricated.
Stroke 300 mm.
Daylight 300 mm to 1500 mm / 1800 mm, adjustable in 5/6 steps
Piston-rod-end With threaded cap.
Platen 750 mm x 300 mm with 145 mm dia hole in the center.
Daylight adjustment By platen raising & lowering mechanism.
Travel Fast approach & slow compression speed with an automatic changeover.
Forward Stop With an automatic stop on buildup max.set pressure.
Return Stop With an automatic stop on completion of return stroke.
Suitable Power Pack Complete with Elect. Motor, Hyd. Pumps, necessary manually operated controls, Pressure indicator, oil reservoir & pipe connection but without hyd. Oil.
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